The Creative Republic Artist Collective is going national. As Jasmine and Krista have moved to opposite ends of the country and then somewhere in the middle, the collective was put on hold for 3 years. Hoping to build up a place for arts and creativity, wherever it might land, The Creative Republic is starting from the ground up.

Founded by Jasmine Graham and Krista Posyniak, The Creative Republic is an artist collective dedicated to producing more art in the city of Toronto. The collective was formed with the goal of creating more opportunities for dance artists to create and perform their work, without the burden of self-producing. Ultimately, The Creative Republic is seeking to give audiences and artists the opportunity to experience culture and creation together. Graduates of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Graham and Posyniak are choreographers, dancers and producers who felt that the Toronto dance community was in need of more opportunities for choreographers. The dance series THIS IS DANCE is the collective’s first endeavor and aims to fill that demand by creating jobs for six choreographers. The series focuses on individual creativity and the power of the imagination. Each choreographer has been given a box filled with four objects, all of which must be used in the creation of the piece. The creators have three months to develop the piece and prepare it for the stage. The show is the final step in the process, where audiences will see what happens when six individuals are given the same inspiration for a project, and through their own creativity and artistic practice, produce widely varied outcomes.