Just getting back into Toronto. I was making my way around town today and noticing how bright everything looks, even in the melodramatic winter setting. Maybe it’s because I was away for two weeks. OR, maybe it is because I am so excited for our upcoming production. Jasmine and I feel like we are learning and figuring this producing out. The choreographers are hard at work and with visions of theatre lights dancing in their heads, are gearing up for the show. Jasmine with the computer and I with a cup of joe have just settled in for our “three weeks till show”! (Just a little Christmas time reminiscing there!)

A reminder that you can buy tickets online through Paypal or email/call us to reserve! (see below) Look for our posters and postcards! They are out and about to dazzle your pants off and into the theatre!

As well, a few shout outs to the community!

JANUARY 12-15, 2011 Connect T.O. with performances, panel discussions and four, fabulous female creators strutting their stuff. Check it out no questions asked! http://www.adelheid.ca/cto/connect.html

JANUARY 13-15, 2011 Typecast Dance Company presents Missed Connections at the Winchester St. Theatre. http://typecastdance.com/

JANUARY 16 Toronto Dance Community Love-In 5-7 pm at Hub 14 http://tolovein.blogspot.com/

AND,  JANUARY 17-21 T.O. Love-In presents Axis Syllabus with Kelly Keenan “Maximize your kinetic energy” and then come see THIS IS DANCE

Happy 2011 to all!