6 choreographers, 4 objects, 3 months, 6 new creations in one curated program

Call for submissions for the “THIS IS DANCE” performance series by The Creative Republic

The Creative Republic is a newly formed artist collective dedicated to the creation and presentation of dance work in the city of Toronto. Founded by emerging dance artists from Toronto, our mission is to create opportunities for artists to present their work in a professional, curated dance show. The first annual ‘THIS IS DANCE’ performance series will premier this January 21 and 22 at The Winch. We are looking for artists who are interested in creating a new work to be shown at our event.

The premise of the show is as follows:

Six choreographers will be chosen to create a new dance piece of up to ten minutes in length. Upon being selected, each choreographer will be given a box filled with four items of our choosing. The box may include things like a piece of fabric, a book, a photograph and piece of costuming, but these are just examples- you won’t actually know what you’re getting until we’ve made our selections! The choreographers are then asked to take these items away with them and use them in the creation of their new dance piece. All items must be used in the creation of the piece and/or the final product. We’re interested in the creative process and want to know what will happen when six individuals are given the same source of inspiration; we want to see how each item is used and how each piece differs, despite the common starting place. Choreographers will receive an honorarium for their finished work.

We are looking for choreographers who are open-minded and willing to try a different approach to the creative process, this is a series for brave artists who are passionate about creating dance! If you are up for the challenge, please send your artistic statement, CV, the names and brief bios of the people you plan on working with (if applicable, this may include dancers, musicians etc.) and a brief paragraph explaining why you are interested in presenting at ‘This is Dance’ to:


This event is open to choreographers who have created at least one previous work.

What to expect if you are selected:

The show will run for two days, January 21-22 at The Winchester Theatre (80 Winchester St., Toronto), with a show on Friday and Saturday evening.

There will be a technician and stage manager, but tech will be minimal, so please keep this in mind when creating your piece. Promotions, advertising and ticket sales will be handled by The Creative Republic.

Deadline for Submissions is NOW October 17, 2010.