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The dawn of a new era

specialsOkay…so we rolled up the carpet and packed it away after THIS IS DANCE. Our success story lasted on fundraiser and one production, but it was a good one. A lot has happened in that time. Jasmine moved to Halifax, NS and then back to Cambridge, ON, acquiring an under grad degree in architecture through much hard work and intense periods of creativity. She is now working towards her Masters. I, Krista, moved to Edmonton and is currently finishing up a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management at Macewan University. I’m still dancing and choreographing, and in fact, producing shows! While it isn’t a Creative Republic show (this time around) it does maintain the same underlying principles. Emily Poirier is finishing her Bachelor of Dance from York University and continues to dance with Corpus, with who you can see her with at Canada Dance Festival in June. And Mor Bar-Zakai is making it rain awesomeness in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While Jasmine builds a master’s degree…and possibly a house…she has given me the reigns to take on projects under The Creative Republic. My first project: writing about my dance experience in Edmonton. It has been on my mind for almost two years now, and definitely is influenced by a wise and talented artist in Toronto – thank you Heidi Strauss for the boost and suggestion (a year ago). If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a procrastinator and I like to sit on things for a while. A lot has happened and a lot has changed in Edmonton and in my life personally. I feel that this is the best place to share my thoughts and experiences about dance.

Where is this sudden burst coming from…in the middle of final papers, projects, rehearsals, dog-walking, wedding-planning, internship-prepping, school-dance-program-making, working, general merriment…from a weekend full of dance, dance, dance! I’m no writer, but take it or leave it, I’m here to have a conversation about it, so please comment.

The tip of the iceberg:
Nothing like raw emotion and the desire to perform to get a dancer to put on her writing cap! I just returned from a youth dance ensemble show. The company is called Entrelacement Dance, directed by Tatiana Cheladyn, and the movement was created almost entirely by these young artists. And, it was invigorating to watch them.  I sat and smiled at their intricate details, seconds of terror where something didn’t go as planned, and their recovery into pure, physical joy. I smiled and thought, That is what dance is about, it’s about the passion and the joy.
Now, I’m not talking choreography here nor artistic development. I’m talking just of the dance, the movement, the act of living through your physical body. And these dancers were doing it, all to varying degrees, but they were doing it. This was great because I often find myself struggling to see the passion in what is being performed in contemporary dance these days. And even if the passion is there I get sidetracked by choreography, or lack of it, or lack of care to detail and audience. But I wasn’t side tracked because I could not bring myself to judge artists so young and so creative. So, maybe this makes me a bit biased because I’m giving way for these young artists, giving them the head-start because they haven’t yet felt defeated by the dance scene. But then again, while I sit here in my own dancer pity party, I’m not here to complain. I here to congratulate these artists on their talent. And their ability to pull a gal, who is ever so grateful for the dance community, out of her cynic-funk and back into belief that dance is a choice. And it is raw. And it is full of passion. And it can be seen in many, may lights. So, as I head into a week of non-stop schedule collisions and rehearsals, I thank these young artists for wiping away the protective layer around my hardened heart and reminding me of why I love what I do.




I really must have lost my marbles after the performance! I thought I had posted about THIS IS DANCE already. Well, apparently, and apologetically, I have not. So, here goes.

WE DID IT! Our choreographers all showed up with their creations and lovely dancers, elaborate sets and eclectic mix of choreography. Our audience showed up too!

We must thank our audience and participants, as well as all of our volunteers and donors, with whom we would not have been able to put on this production.
And, since we broke EVEN!!! We will be doing this again… when time permits me to think straight. I think that is happening. Maybe Jasmine is already on her way, so we are 60% there.
Any comments, thoughts or ideas on THIS IS DANCE or future projects?
Send them our way.


Hello friends and avid dance watchers,

Today is the day. Seen the pieces. Blown away. Something for everyone.

Visually shifting, illustrious characters, playful, decorative, whimsical and sweeping.

For tickets, email

And, check out our boost in the Torontoist!

After last week’s Connect T.O. and Typecast’s “Missed Connections”, and this week with THIS IS DANCE and Dance Ontario Weekend at Harbourfront Centre, I’d have to say that DANCE is happening in this city!

See you at the Winch!



Check out THIS IS DANCE Choreographers section! The Bios are up!



Can you tell we are excited?

There is so much creativity flying around in my emails these days, I’m not even sure how the Winch is going to hold in the six pieces being presented next week. Some of you have already reserved your tickets. A lot of you have not. Tickets are $15 General admission and $12 Students/Seniors/CADA, Cash at the door. Make sure to call or email us to reserve!

We are looking for volunteer ushers as well! If you are interested in helping us out, please contact us. It is also a great way to see the show for free.

Check out the Choreographer page for bios on our choreographers!

Other news: There was a error with our Kapipal account and as a result we can no longer accept donations. Thank you to those of you who already donated. We really appreciate your generosity.

Lastly, I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control.

All of those statements are true…not sure in what order and how safe they are. Just picture me singing while reading it.

See you next Friday! Krista

Here we come 2011… and beyond?

Just getting back into Toronto. I was making my way around town today and noticing how bright everything looks, even in the melodramatic winter setting. Maybe it’s because I was away for two weeks. OR, maybe it is because I am so excited for our upcoming production. Jasmine and I feel like we are learning and figuring this producing out. The choreographers are hard at work and with visions of theatre lights dancing in their heads, are gearing up for the show. Jasmine with the computer and I with a cup of joe have just settled in for our “three weeks till show”! (Just a little Christmas time reminiscing there!)

A reminder that you can buy tickets online through Paypal or email/call us to reserve! (see below) Look for our posters and postcards! They are out and about to dazzle your pants off and into the theatre!

As well, a few shout outs to the community!

JANUARY 12-15, 2011 Connect T.O. with performances, panel discussions and four, fabulous female creators strutting their stuff. Check it out no questions asked!

JANUARY 13-15, 2011 Typecast Dance Company presents Missed Connections at the Winchester St. Theatre.

JANUARY 16 Toronto Dance Community Love-In 5-7 pm at Hub 14

AND,  JANUARY 17-21 T.O. Love-In presents Axis Syllabus with Kelly Keenan “Maximize your kinetic energy” and then come see THIS IS DANCE

Happy 2011 to all!




You can email us at
and email transfer money to reserve your ticket now!
QUICK! before it’s too late!


Well, we did it! We had our first fundraiser for The Creative Republic at F’Coffee on November 19. It was a fabulous night full of dance, music, comedy, food, drinks and, more dance! We would like to thank all of you who came out and supported us, and those who could not come out, but supported us as well. Thank you to our volunteers, without whom we could not have run the night. Thank you to our performers – Nick Tustin, Rob Poizner, Erik Laar, Brittany Duggan and Sex T-Rex! Also, a huge thank you to our silent auction donors! Our silent auction had fabulous items and some people went home with some pretty snazzy prizes. Yes, I said snazzy.

AND, we raised over $1000! We are on our way friends!

Lastly, we would like to thank Rob Poizner at F’Coffee, who helped us out with so many things, especially with the fabulous space! If you haven’t been to F’Coffee yet, you should go! A latte and a f’cookie can fix almost anything!

On the processing side of things, I don’t think we really knew how much work this was going to be. It is exhilarating and exhausting. We are excited for the production in January. Our choreographers are buzzing with ideas, most of which we have yet to discover. The Winch is going to blasted with six creative minds on January 21!

In the next month we will be talking with the choreographers, and grabbing some video and photo opts to post here! Make sure you check us out!

Maybe Jasmine shouldn’t let me write posts either. Clearly, I bring on the cheese – but only the gouda kind. Happy Holidays!


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THIS IS PARTY Fundraiser


THIS IS PARTY. black and white and parka

NOVEMBER 19 * 8:30 PM * F’Coffee (641 Queen St. East)

The Creative Republic invites you to boogie down, party up and help us
out in preparation for our upcoming show: This is Dance, Jaunary 21-22
…at The Winchester St. Theatre
This is a monochromatic soiree, so blow the dust off of that penguin suit,
lace up those patent leather shoes and we’ll see you there!

The Creative Republic Team